Education: Education is very important for the progress and prosperity of any country. So education enhancement is essential part of the organization core values. AJWS had organized different awareness seminar in district Sargodha. The purpose of those seminars was created to awareness among local stakeholder about the children education importance. Through these seminar AJWS create awareness among the local people about children education importance. For this purpose 07 seminar conduct in 2017 and 04 seminars conduct in 2018. After the awareness of out of school going children families AJWS distributed school bag, book and stationary among children with the help of honorable guest Dept, Director of education department Haider Mahdi and chairman of Usher Hamid Raza Sab.

AJWS has organized different activities in district Sargodha. Some activities are as following;

Since 2015 AJWS had organized teacher training in district Sargodha. 25 teachers train on education skills. 25 Non formal basic education school opened. 1000 children were educated in these centers.

  • Launching of campaign for enhancement in Girls enrollment in Schools.
  • Establishment of child literacy centers for the out of going children in district Sargodha.
  • Interlinking line departments for improvement of educational and recreational facilities.
  • Campaign for Child Friendly environment in Schools.
  • Establishment of non-formal education centers in areas with no educational institute of Govt
  • 20 out of school children enroll in different schools.

Women Skill Development

AJWS is working since 2013 on “Skills Development Training on Tailoring” with the aim to consolidate the on-going efforts of UCD which is aimed in improving livelihoods and local economies in the focused areas of District Sargodha. AJWS has conducted various TNAs (Training Need Assessments) and identification of various trades consulting the local community stake holders in focused union councils of five districts

is made. In light of findings Skill Development Training on Tailoring is on top priority and found in demand from the local women of targeted district. The project women groups are poor and illiterate away from modern changes. So there is a need to bring awareness and provide financial responsibilities, making them become conversant with the accounts both profit and loss useful to maintain their family. Woman in targeted families found difficulties to manage families. She is deprived of nutritious food, health care and minimum education. Women (widows and deserted inclusive) are poor, illiterate and living in conservative society under the influence of male and religious community from many problems, within and outside house.

A Vocational Training Center for females is running in union council 01 Khedra Bad in the morning and evening. Three different types of courses are offered in the Centre. These include embroidery, cutting and sewing. UCD provided funding for purchase of machines and running expenses for two years on a matching grant basis. AJWS had planned to run this VTC on a sustainable basis. During the contract period, trainings were provided without any fee but after the discontinuation of UCD funding, a small amount of fee is charged to achieve the objective of sustainability. In addition, this project has completed its 2 years of operation. To date more than 200 females have been trained with embroidery, cutting and sewing.

Another project conducted in district Sargodha with the support of UCD since 2015.

This was 4th month project. 100 female beneficiaries trained on tailoring.


Health is a burning issue in Pakistan. Every one involve in any type of disease. The reason is that the Pure water and food is big problem for the stakeholders. In the light of above issues AJWS had organized free medical camps in different village and UCs in district Sargodha. Specialist Doctor’s checked up the people of the rural area where the health facilities were short. AJWS has arranged Eye, hepatitis, and Gwynne’s awareness camps. The local people (men, women, youth and children) were aware about different disease by Dr. abid, Dr. Haroon and Dr. Shkeel.

AJWS had been organized dengue awareness campaign in thesil Balwal since 2015 with the help of UCD. Dept, District Officer Nadia Mishal and Executive Director Sana Rau had participated the dengue campaign. The purpose of this campaign was to create awareness among people about dengue virus.

AJWS had organized 09 General Medical Camps and 01 Eye Camp. After the checkup, medicines were also provided to the patients. Majority patients were females and children. In addition, few male patients were also treated. Diarrhea, Skin Rashes, Fever and Flu symptoms were identified as patients in the General Medical. While main complaints including Dust Allergy, Eye Infections, Cataract were recorded by the patients in the Eye Camp. Some pregnant women were also checked referred to CHQ for further treatment. Government officer Dr. Abid (Incharge of hepatitis) continued their visits to the Medical Camps.

Awareness sessions were conducted with local people. Through awareness sessions AJWS spread awareness about hygiene & health. Vaccination campaign started for prevention of hepatitis.

AJWS had distributed wheel chair among disable people in district Sargodha.

AL-Jannat had organized health screening program in Allama Iqbal High school Phoolerwan tehsil Balwal and AL-Rehman Public school 39 MB Sargodha.

Livestock Development

AJWS has worked on livestock development with the collaboration of government livestock department. For this purpose AJWS met the local people and aware them about the livestock development and provide free medicine for the protection of animals.

Natural Disaster & Preparedness

AJWS has organized flood relief camps in village Jaggra Maliwal tehsil Shahpoor, district Sargodha. AJWS in collaboration with responded the flash flood of the year in September 2013 and targeted 2212 flood affected families in Sargodh. As each family was comprised upon 10 – 12 family members, statistically 5572 flood victims were targeted for the distribution of 300 bags of food items with 150 emergency tents. Print media gave a great deal of positive attention to the distribution. AJWS provide medicine of affected families.

 Child Rights & Child Labour

Violation of child right and child labour is common in Pakistan. 308 registered Brick kilns were working in district Sargodha. 5488 children were laborers on these bricks. AJWS had conducted survey on child labour in district Sargodha. After survey AJWS had organized seminars on child labor issues and aware the poor and marginalized people and bricks owners about the illegal labour on the brick.

  • Mobilization and sensitization of masses about child rights, campaign started to eradicate Child Labour.
  • Conducted Need Assessments & Base Line Surveys in district Sargodha in2017.
  • Analyze Birth Registration & CNICs of Parents

Environment Protection

AJWS are working on environment protection. For this purpose tree plantation campaign started in different UCs of district Sargodha. An estimated 50,000 trees were planted in 10 UCs of district Sargodha.