“A developed and empowered society with every one enjoying easy access to basic needs and services without any discrimination.”


“To promote and undertake education, sustainable health, drug eradication, advocacy, women and child empowerment projects for the deprived and downtrodden poor communities in the underprivileged area.”

Broad Objectives

The main objectives of the organization are as following;

  • To contribute in access to quality formal and non-formal education system areas;
  • To provide quality health services to women and children of the area;
  • To work for the rehabilitation of drug addicts and awareness to pre-addicts;
  • To contribute towards the betterment of the most vulnerable community especially women and children through skills development, health and education services;
  • To raise awareness through school students for healthy and pollution free environment;
  • To adequate training in an area where the women have natural abilities and understanding (for Sewing, Cutting, embroidery, and food processing);
  • To increase household income, improve living conditions in rural and remote communities, cut off from their sources of employment and social services, through the empowerment of women as wage-earners and the creation of jobs;